Saurabh Kumar Deo, Suvarna Prasad, Sameer Singhal


Vitamins are known to be associated with immunity and nutrition. Moreover, vitamin deficiency can affect host immunity to various infectious diseases. We performed a study to investigate the serum vitamin D concentrations in 100 healthy individuals (62 males and 32 females) at Mullana, Ambala, Haryana and it was found that 55% healthy individuals were suffering from hypovitaminosis D. The mean serum vitamin D levels were 31.08 ng/ml. Out of 100 healthy control individual, 13 healthy individual were suffering from vitamin D deficiency (Vitamin D concentration = 10 to 20 ng/ml), 43 were suffering from vitamin D insufficiency (Vitamin D concentration = 20 to 30 ng/ml) and rest of 44 healthy individuals have sufficient vitamin D levels (vitamin D concentration > 30 ng/ml). The mean serum vitamin D levels in males and females were 31.49 and 30.41 ng/ml, respectively. In conclusion, vitamin D deficiency is common in healthy individuals at Mullana, Ambala, Haryana.


Vitamin D, Disease, Immunity, Hypovitaminosis.

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