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The present paper focused on Adjustment Pattern and Anxiety level of B.Ed students in relation their academic streams of Self-financing college of Education. Adjustment refers to a harmonious relationship between a man and his environment to tackle the new situation with best of his capacity. Education not only stands for passing the exams but also the development of one’s self and well adjust in life, so that handle the new and problematic circumstances tactfully and anxiety free. In the present study, 150 students Arts, Science and Commerce from self-financing college of Kurukshetra district were selected as target sample and Adjustment inventory developed by N.Y. Reddy and Anxiety scale developed by A.K.P& L.N.K. Sinha was administered. The findings of the study revealed that Science and Commerce B.Ed students do not differ significantly in their personal adjustment. There exists significant difference in personal adjustment of Science and Arts and Arts and commerce B.Ed. students .The study proved that social adjustment of Arts students is higher than Science and Commerce students. There exists significant difference in Total adjustment of Science, Commerce and Arts B.Ed. students and Total adjustment of Arts students is higher than the science and commerce B.Ed. students. The findings of the study revealed that there exists significant difference in anxiety level of science and Arts and Arts and commerce B.Ed. students.

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