Dr. Anandraj Vaithy, Dr. Shanmugasamy K, Dr. Dhananjay S. Kotasthane, Dr. S. Sowmya


Background: Medical education includes three major objective like educational objectives, Teaching-Learning methods and Evaluation. While cognitive domain is assessed in lectures psychomotor domain plays a crucial role especially among the second year MBBS students. Practical sessions in Para-clinical especially in Pathology discipline is dynamic which covers recalling capacity and reproducibility which is time bounded. Having similarities with normal histology in first year with varying proportions, many studies had been conducted to assess the best mode of teaching tool in histopathology slide sessions in pathology practical classes.

Aims & Objective: To assess the preferable teaching modality among students for histopathology slide teaching for second year MBBS students in pathology practical sessions.

Results: Overall 150 students participated for giving opinion in standard format questionnaire. Majority of students sixty eight percent preferred for conventional method of teaching with         self - directed learning for histopathology slide visualization. Interestingly students preferred AV mode of teaching for studying normal histology in anatomy practicals. The reasons were analyzed in reference to standard textbooks and Literature analysis.

Conclusion: The present re-emphasized that judicious use of teaching tools and combination is more appreciated by students.  Among second MBBS students, visualization and perception in practical classes with respect to histopathology slide viewing sessions, conventional method  seems to be the preferable mode in aspect knowledge,  self-directed learning and reproducibility during exams. Optimal use of AV aids plays an integral role in deriving desired benefits.


AV aids, Conventional teaching, Histopathology slide sessions, Teaching methods

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