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What we know today about the universe is one of the greatest mysteries of the science. Its vastness makes it impossible to explore it thoroughly. The universe that we know and understand today is only the 5% of entire picture and rest 95% is still hidden. The methodology to understand the universe is twofold. The first method is science and other method is religion. Science is based on theories, observation and experiments where as religion is based on faith. Islam compliments the science more. In case of physics, the Quran explains the expansion of universe and Big Bang theory, formation of day and night amongst other facts. People believed that sun orbited the earth and sky was held up by brick pillars at the corner of flat earth.These were not scientifically proven or discovered until the previous century, nearly 1400 years after the Quran was revealed. There are scientific and historical facts in the Quran which were unknown to the people at that time have been discovered now. Allah gives us intelligence so that we could use it to recognize His existence and to follow his guidelines.


Big Bang, expansion of universe, The Quran, Mystery, Theories, Revelation, Observation, Existence.

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The Holy Quran, English translation by Mohammad Marmarduke Pikhtal and Urdu translation by Fateh Mohammad Jallandhri.

A brief history of Time by Stephen Hawking.

Cosmos by Carl Sagan.

Night Watch-A practical Guide to view Universe Revised Fourth Edition by Terrance Dickenson.


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