Hina Mehrotra , Monica Mehendiratta , Mohit Sharma , Puneet Ahuja


Ameloblastomas are the commonest occurring tumors. More than 80% of all ameloblastomas are solid or multicystic variants (SMA), in which unicystic ameloblastoma(UA) is an important clinicopathologic variety. It occupies the remaining 20% of the cases. UA clinicopathologically resembles an odontogenic cyst but with few exceptions. KCOT, characterized histologically, by a palisaded basal cell layer of basophilic columnar cells and a surface of corrugated parakeratin, sometimes with spongiosis. This resembles very closely with the stellate reticulum like cells. If the tissue sample is small and if the neoplastic epithelium displays reactive changes induced by inflammation, it can closely resemble unicystic ameloblastoma histologically. Thus, at times, both lesions become histologically indistinguishable.As Calretinin is used as a specific immunohistochemical marker for neoplastic ameloblastic epithelium .

We report a case of UA exhibiting histologically disconnected islands in the capsule without accompanied bony invasion seen in left  premolar- molar region of mandible in a 38 year old female patient.The final diagnosis in this case was confirmed by using this marker. The final diagnosis of Unicystic Ameloblastoma with disconnected active intra-mural ameloblastomatous follicle was given.


Ameloblastoma ,Unicystic Ameloblastoma,KCOT,Calretinin.

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