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Kakatiya dynasty despite hardship contributed for keeping to Scio-economic and culture development in this region. Agriculture had been the principal occupation of the bulk of the population in Medieval Andhra Desa, this process is (900-1323.A.D.) as at present. The entire economic life of the people revolved around it. Kakatiyas evinced keen interest in the well being of their subjects as can be seen from the hundreds of then inscriptions. For the development of agriculture, they improved irrigational facilities constructing new villages and gave tax concessions. The people also supported their efforts whole heartedly. Inscriptions show how the members of ruling families, nobles, affluent individuals, merchant guilds and soldiers by their grants of lands to temples and Brahmins helped the formation of agrahZiras and new Villages, construction of irrigational works such as tanks, canals, wells, etc and thus promoted agriculture. Tillers of the soil constituted the real wealth of men power of the country. All types of grants served as an incentive for intense promotion of agriculture by raising a large variety of crops.


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