• Miss. V. Mary Suhasini Research Scholar, M. Sc.(APPLI. PSY), M. A (ECO), M. Ed. M. Phil
  • Dr. M. E.S. Elizebeth Research Guide, Assistant Prof. Dept. of Edu Acharya Nagarjuna University


Youth problems, Personal values, Religious values, Emotional maturity etc


Today’s youth is as restive, impatient with hypocrisy of the past and the dichotomy between precept and practice, and as stout a protagonist of recognition of his and others’ identities, as was the youth of the time when Christ was not but Socrates was and commented on the youths. Because of the fleeting nature of youth, the young plunge into action before they could afford to plan something to achieve a well-chosen aim which would remove the incongruities which appeared intolerable to them

Personal values are depend up on family education, society and friends, religious back ground, docratic, aesthetic, economic and knowledge are also place an important role to develop good personal values. Some people with powerful minds can up-tain good personal value irrespective of their back ground. Religious make a person to live to walk in right way. Any does not teach to steal to murder, to act frugality and to abuse others especially woman. Any religious should not make the youth to become terries a person can give value to his own religion. But he has no Wright disrespect criticize and abuse other religious. In this modern age money place and important role to mould the human life. Good economic back ground makes youth self confident. We can earn money by hard working or illegally.

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