Shaloo Saini , Prof.(Dr.) Parminder Kaur


The present study focuses towards assessing the Internet Usage and Emotional maturity of the secondary school students. The sample for the study is 200 students of class IX and X of Jalandhar district. The data has been raised randomly and the tools of data collection are Internet Usage Scale by Saini S. and Kaur P. (2017) and Emotional Maturity Scale by Singh Y. and Bhargava M.(2012). It was found that male and female students have significant differences in their internet usage and emotional maturity. The Internet Usage of males is more than females where as the emotional maturity of females is more than the males. Further a significant correlation was found between the Internet Usage and Emotional maturity. The students with high internet usage reported low level of emotional maturity and vice versa.


Emotional Maturity, Internet Usage, Secondary School Students

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