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In the present piece of research work, the effect of SLF prepared with macroalgae Cladophora and Gracilaria spp was studied on Triticum aestivum Linn. in two sets of experiment- 1. Seventy two hrs after germination in petriplates; 2. Eight days after sowing in the plastic pots containing garden soil. Seeds of Triticum aestivum were soaked in 5%, 10%, and 15% SLF solutions and control for duration of 12 hours. Seed germination index, average number of roots, average length of roots and shoots were the parameters recorded in young seedlings post 72 hrs germination. Germination index was 100% in 5% Cladophora and in all strength of Gracilaria as against only 70% in control. Average root and shoot length of 72 hours old seedlings were recorded to be higher in 5% Gracilaria SLF followed by 10% Cladophora SLF treatment. In another set of experiment, germination index, average root and shoot length, fresh weight and total chlorophyll were studied in  8 days old  seedlings  that were cultivated in pots. Comparative analysis indicated that treatment with 5% Gracilaria SLF had a promoting effect on these parameters followed by 5% Cladophora SLF treatment. It is concluded that Seaweed liquid fertilizer of 10% Gracilaria has potential as a biostimulant in early growth of Triticum aestivum.


Cladophora, Gracilaria, SLF, germination index

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