Mrs. Jishnupriya Rout


Quality of education acts as a significant factor in the process of development of nations. The development of nation rests on the shoulders of teachers because they shape the future generation. Thus the quality of teachers directly depends on the quality of teacher education. The way teachers teach is the critical concern in any reform to design quality. Effective teacher education can only enhance the quality of teacher as well as education. The intent of the present paper is to enhance the teacher quality in India by focusing on the role of teacher in promoting quality, need of teacher education and some major problems in teacher education and measures for improving quality of teacher education. Various problems of teacher education namely, defective curriculum, use of traditional methods, defective selection procedure, negative attitude of pupil-teacher, lack of proper infrastructural facilities, isolation of teacher education, lack of facilities for the professional growth of teacher educators, neglect of in-service training, inadequate empirical research, commercialization in private sector, imbalance in supply and demand, quality crisis, poor integration of skills, mismatches between teacher educator and teacher trainees, incompatible modes of education have been dwelt on this paper . Some measures for improving quality of teacher education namely, reorganization of course, innovations, development of positive attitude of pupil teacher, removal of isolation of teacher education, close down of inferior quality of institution, emphasis of in-service training, open and distance learning, improve of evaluation and monitoring programme, good research work, proper selection procedure, provide good infrastructural facility, use of ICT for school education have been discussed in this paper. The paper concludes that teacher education system in India calls for revolutionary changes.


Quality, Teacher, Teacher Education, Problems and Measures

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