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Multicloud is a methodology to allocate workload across many computers or other resources over the network links to achieve optimal resource utilization, make the most of throughput, minimum response time, and avoid overload. It presents a load balancing. This research paper proposed an algorithm that focuses on load balancing to reduce the situation of overload or under load on multi-clouds. Task Scheduling algorithms or technique in cloud computing [1]. Efficient task scheduling mechanism should meet user’s requirements and improve the resource utilization, so as to enhance the overall performance of the cloud computing environment. It is the prominent means to achieve efficient resource sharing and utilization Cloud Computing is an emerging area in the field of information technology (IT). Load balancing is one of the main challenges in cloud computing. Cloud computing enables a large range of users to access scattered, virtualized hardware and/or software infrastructure over the Internet [2]. The goal of load balancing is to minimize the resource consumption which will further reduce energy consumption and carbon emission rate (with reference to the environment) that is the need of cloud computing. This we will implanting the logs method to the database, using the logs of user activity, to keep track of the data [3]. The future scope is to implementing the cloud on the huge proportion and green computing.


Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, Multi Cloud, Load Balancing, Task Scheduling.

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