Mohammed Alzoraiki


Objective: The purpose of this study is sought to increase our understanding of transformational leadership and the environment of quality work life. Transformational leadership is defined as a means to instigate change in persons and social systems. Effective transformational leadership influences the followers and motivates them towards achieving the targeted objectives.

Methodology: firstly a conceptual paper focusing on the approach of conducting reviews of research. However, this paper draws on a database of reviews of research formerly conducted in Transformational leadership and environment work quality. In a separate effort, the author recognized 22 reviews of research that had been published in transformational leadership and environment work quality conducted over the past few years.

 Results:  reviewing of the quality of research conducted in transformational leadership and environment work quality still very different in the methodological stringent. This paper presents a conceptual review that scholars may be used to guide and evaluation review of future research in the transformational leadership and work environment.

Implication: The contribution of this paper is the first to highlight the researchers needs to utilize systematic methods when conducting the review of Research in Transformational Leadership and environment work quality. It is hoped that this conceptual framework can provide methodological guidance that will enhance the long-term efforts to advance knowledge in a more systematic and coherent manner beneficial.


Transformational Leadership, Quality of Work Life, Employee, Performance, Job Satisfaction.

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