Neeraj Kumar , Dr. Navdeep Malhotra , Dr. Bhaskar Nagar


Temple waste generation is the one of biggest problem in developed and developing countries considering its obnoxious impact on the environment. India is severely affected by improper waste collection at source and mismanagement and various cultural and social practices practiced since the time immemorial. Especially in Indian temples various types of puja offerings generate wastes such as flowers, fruits, clothes, leaves, coconuts and other food wastes. In this study various techniques were studied and among all those available techniques using temple waste in the form of flowers and coconut shell which remains unused after offering are used for making fragrant incense sticks. For making incense sticks various parameters were considered which are convenient, economical and eco-friendly and easy to reach for the small scale and household enterprises. The desist for manufacturing incense stick could be made according to various consideration like potential of the temple waste in the form of flowers and coconuts which are the major cause of temple waste. Flower waste could be easily grind, but for grinding coconut shell more power is needed. So in this study the coconut shell grinding machine is designed by its modelling on SOLIDWORKS for 10 coconut shell having impact load of 500N by one hammer, here there is a consideration of 4 hammers so distributed 125N impact load each,, using a power source of 5.5KW.After modeling analysis is carried out on ANSYS. The result calculated as maximum equivalent shear stress of 8.23MPa and maximum equivalent elastic strain of 4.11.


Temple waste, flowers, coconut shells, grinding machine, incense sticks/cones.

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