Akanksha Pawar, Sarabjeet Kaur Popli, Priyanka Rawat, Prajakta Salke


Cloud is a growing trend now a days. It is used in almost all growing sectors. It also finds its application in banking sector. Clouds In banking sector is used to store the account information of the bank customers. Using clouds puts the security of the data in a fix. Data integrity is not guaranteed. Online transactions are not yet safe to be done. We propose a system that contains Clouds and public auditing scheme which provides data integrity check by a Third Party auditor (TPA). The TPA is enabled to perform audits for multiple user simultaneously. Along with the alpha numeric passwords we enable the user to set an image password which uses visual cryptography as its underlying mechanism. K-N sharing algorithm is use in this. This effectively increases the security by reducing the risk password hacking. Our system also provides an additional feature of de-duplication in order to avoid duplications of files stored at the main server. This saves the memory usage as well as the bandwidth. Thus our system includes the features of cloud computing with public auditing using TPA, Visual Cryptography, and de-duplication.


Cloud computing, De-duplication, Digital Signature, Public Auditing, TPA, Visual Cryptography

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