Dr.Maya S. Indurkar, Dr. Namita Dewan


Aims : Recession defects are one of the most common findings in periodontal problems affecting individuals of almost all ages to some degree. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate  common etiological factors of gingival recession and hence its treatment and/or  prevention.

Methods and Material: A total of 120 individuals suffering from gingival recession were examined. Data was collected by an interview with the help of a proforma and then the clinical examination was carried out. The presence of gingival recession was recorded using Miller's classification of gingival recession. Various indices like Silness and Loe Plaque Index, Greene and Vermillion Oral Hygiene Index, Russel’s periodontal Index were recorded.

Statistical analysis: The data thus obtained were subjected to statistical analysis using Chi square test.

Results: The prevalence of gingival recession was found to increase with age . High frequency of gingival recession was seen in males (61.6%) compared to females. Gingival recession was commonly seen in mandibular incisors, lateral incisors and canines. The most common cause for gingival recession was dental plaque accumulation (93.3%) followed by faulty toothbrushing (75.8%). Other causes were smokeless tobacco habit (30%), frenal pull (15.8%) and malposition.(15.8%).

Conclusions: It is important to identify the  cause of gingival recession in a patient so that prevention can be done or appropriate treatment can be given.


gingival recession , etiology , plaque and calculus

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