• Sandip S. Boricha Assistant Professor, Smt.M.N.K.Dalal Education College for Women, Ahmedabad


Work Card material, Effectiveness, Achievement


New methods and techniques in education are having an increasing effect on the traditional approach to teaching and learning. Today, we need such self learning methods and techniques in education that the students can learn independently even without the help of teachers and others. Work card is such type of self learning technique that the learners can study with their own speed and pace. The present study found the effectiveness of Work card material for selected units of Sanskrit grammar among standard 9th students.The objectives of the study were (1) to develop Work card materials for selected units of Sanskrit grammar (2) To compare the educational achievement of experimental group and controlled group students. The study was conducted to develop Work card for the selected units of Sanskrit grammar and finding outs its effectiveness over the conventional method of teaching. The experimental design of the study was two equivalent group post test. The type of research is applied. This is an experimental study So that limited students were select as a sample. For that one School of Ahmedabad city select by the purposive sample technique. The researcher has chosen 70 Students for the study. Tool of research in this study was Achievement Test constructed by researcher. In present research, the score on achievement test of the selected units of Sanskrit grammar of the students of grade 9 Were the raw data. Based on the score, the mean score will be calculated for each group. To compare the mean score of the group’s t-test calculated. After the data collection investigator concludes that; there was significant difference between control and experimental group students in their mean score. The result of the study indicates that in teaching Sanskrit grammar by the Work card material was more effective than the traditional method. In conclusion, the present study indicated that the Work card material learning environment have satisfactory property to use as a tool of self learning.  


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