• Rajnikant S. Dodiya M.A., M.Ed., NET (Education), Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)


Education, Peace, Harmony, Globalization


Education has been always supposed to promote peace and harmony all over the world. The universal human values are always focused on by education in schools and colleges. Peace and Harmony are two distinct values of these universal human values that need to be developed among the human kind through education. Madam Today both these concepts are given less importance in education and its curriculum. Today’s world is full of conflicts, insecurities, violence, unharmonious conduct based on political, racial, religious and ethnic factors which make a negative impact on the humanity. In the contemporary time, the major aim of education should be to help people to develop themselves as global citizens who can make continuous efforts for building one peaceful and harmonious world. There is a need of learning to live together with peace and harmony in today’s world and education is the only tool that can approach to this aim. This article focuses on how education can help developing peace and harmony in this age of globalization.


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