• Megha V. Patel


Mobile Phone and Mobile Learning


M-learning or mobile learning is defined as learning through a device in multiple contexts. It is a form of distance education; the learner can use the mobile device educational technology as per their time convenience in it. The use of mobile phones can bring a revolution in the field of education. The education can make stress free for the students and the teachers also. It has its wide scope for enable the students for getting education. Here is the list of usability of mobile phone in education.

  • Blogs
  • Site
  • Management
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Virtual Classes
  • Application
  • Online Book
  • Classroom surfing etc.

It also helps the student to divert their minds in education from other worthless matters.

At end, I can say that what we cannot do with the help of technology for the betterment of education?


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