• Dr. Dharmendra Mehta Reader, FMSPtJNIBM, VU, Ujjain (MP)
  • Dr. Naveen Kumar Mehta Associate Professor & I/c Head, Department of English, SUBIS, Barla-Raisen (MP)
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mehta Principal-PITS, Ujjain (MP)


Values, Education, Morality, Young, Generation


Values are a set of standards guiding the thoughts and actions of individuals. Values help to determinate levels of goodness or desirability. Values are ideals.  The goal of life is to do good for all and Values include all important religions, beliefs, moral attitudes, philosophies of life, political ideologies etc. Value education is ingrained in Indian culture and tradition. Value education is imperative at every stage of life. Our higher educational Institutions can play a very significant role in promotion of values. Our age old literary treasure, the Vedas and Upanishads are full of value education. In present scenario, the society pays more values to material gains. Stiff competition has led our generation next in an unhealthy environment of insecurity, distrust, lack of fellow feeling, lack of honour for human values etc. At this backdrop, the present paper makes an attempt to discuss value education in Indian perspective.


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